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  • Leslie Bradford-Scott

Ep 7 - 8 Season One Wrap Up

It was really difficult making the podcast once COVID hit.

Family challenges also delayed things for a long time, and we were struggling with technology-trying to get the audio quality good enough to publish. My Internet connection is not ideal out on the farm and during the last episode, Meg had to relocate to another home where the sound quality in the room was tough to work with.

Somehow we cobbled it together and here we are. Thanks for being patient and sticking with us!

Making Episodes 7 and 8 is where my perspective really changed from one of an 'investigator,' trying to get to the bottom of things, to one of 'daughter,' seeking to understand my family history and the complexities of my dad, and through him, myself.

Mike is an incredible human being and I was deeply touched by his relationship with my father. It also brought me meaning to think my dad may have found a bit of a 'father-son' relationship with Mike. Such a burden it must have been for my dad to have lost his only son and bury those feelings deep inside. It seemed to me like Mike may have healed some of that pain.

To know my father had a positive impact on people was a switch from me always thinking he was a hurricane in an espresso cup. Leaving destruction wherever he went.

It was incredibly touching to hear Meg talk about how she felt so protective of me, and how her feelings about my dad had morphed completely from when we started. I never expected such an arch in her experience.

There is a lot to cover in Season Two of Rewriting Dad as we unearth more family secrets, track down more interesting people, and learn about the underworld.

Stay tuned my fellow Sluethkins, and find out what else is in my mom's basement!

This is the photo that was on Mike's bookcase. It jarred me when I saw it in the background during our video chat. It was interesting to me that seven years later, Mike still had the photo prominently displayed in his office.

The image of the magazine was another little treat from my mom's basement. "I found this and I thought you may want to read it." Ya think?

Cheers, Dad. Hope there are lots of $1200 bottles where you are.


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