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  • Leslie Bradford-Scott

Episode 1 - Ring of Truth - click here

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

CLICK HERE TO READ ***Spoiler Alert*** Have you listened to Episode One?

Welcome to the family, my darling sleuth-kins! We are delighted you are joining us for this journey!

We hope you find moments that speak directly to you and your own personal journey as we plunge into the unknown on our quest for the truth. After all, we all have a story. Sure, your dad may have not been in the mafia, but life is filled with all sorts of challenges and perhaps we share a few. This is a show about love, loss, family, strength, courage, survival, new beginnings, dreams, memories, and the human condition.

***The manuscript we are holding in the above photo is Meg's marked-up copy. The real one is below this video.

With 545 pages of material, a 54-year old's flawed memory, there was a lot of mapping at to do to make this podcast. Super Sleuth, Meg Murphy, finds a giant piece of Kraft paper and some fun colored markers do the trick. This is the day we found out about the engagement ring connection.

This is the original manuscript my mom dropped on this very table. "You can throw it away

if you want to." Off to the hats and mitts drawer it went for about six months where it lay in wait for my emotional courage to ramp up.

Speaking of synchronicity, I originally met Meg when I hired her for a small job helping me finish up a humorous corporate video. Meg is a local filmmaker and as you heard on Episode One, made a documentary about her own father's journal she found in the basement.

It is not lost on me that in our corporate video I jokingly mention, 'We founded our company the old-fashioned way, with cash hidden in the mason jars in the basement."

A month after we filmed the video, I visited my childhood farm and the resident sent me a follow-up email saying she and her stepson had the same dream of 'money buried in the walls of the basement' of my old farmhouse.


These images are from the filming of Meg's film, Murphy's Law. Doesn't she look like the life of the party? I would go on a pub crawl with her anytime. What about you? Maybe that's a future business, Pub Crawl with Meg.

Her dad is in the last image. His personality really came through in the film, I thought, and I have to admit, I envied their father/daughter relationship. He was a great dad, Meg says.

I personally would not have had the guts to ride that old-school bike through Ireland. I would have preferred an electric bike with a nice comfy seat. When I watched the film, the first thing I thought was, "Touching, sure, but how was your ass?"

Here is the link to the trailer;

"On the eve of her 35th birthday, Megan moved back into her childhood home. For the first time in her life, she was alone; both of her parents are dead. In cleaning out her parents’ belongings, she found her father’s journal, long believed lost in a fire. It chronicled his 1973 solo bike journey through Ireland when he was just 26 years old. Struggling with her own grief and broken heart, she decides to take her father’s journal and his original 1973 red Peugeot and return to the land of her ancestors. Will retracing her father’s journey help her to find her own way forward?"

Let us review the strange and unusual connections;

1. Daughter of a criminal (me) enlists the help of daughter of a criminal lawyer (Meg) to make a podcast.

2. Both daughters discovered long-lost manuscripts written by their fathers at broken times in their lives.

3. We discover Meg lived two streets away from my father before he died, which is located in another town a couple of hours away from where we both currently reside.

4. We are shocked to find out Meg's former engagement ring likely came from my father.

5. Meg and I made the 'money in the basement' clip for my corporate video before we even discussed the manuscript, and before I visited my former childhood farm and received the email from the tenants about dreaming of 'money in the basement.'

We'd love to hear your thoughts about all of these strange connections!

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